Pillowcase Craft Using Sharpie Markers

Kids love doing crafty activities. Whether they are in Scouts, 4-H, or attending a slumber party, arts and crafts are often the highlight of the event. Here is a super easy pillowcase craft for kids. I said it was easy, but I didn’t say it wasn’t messy!

Decorate a Pillowcase using Sharpie Markers

My 9 year old niece wanted to make something for her Dad for his birthday.  She loves to look on Pinterest, and she saw some Sharpie Marker crafts that she thought were really cool.  They were T-shirts and sneakers with flowers though, not something that she could make for my brother.  After some thought, I came up with the idea of using Sharpie Markers on a pillowcase.

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Supplies needed for this Pillowcase Craft

  • Sharpie Markers in lots of fun colors.  The wide markers work best for large projects like a pillowcase or T-Shirt, but smaller markers will work as well.  A Set of 24 Sharpie Markers will give you every color you could possibly need!
  • White or light colored pillowcase – Cotton pillowcases work best.
  • Cardboard
Easy Pillowcase Craft Using Sharpie Markers - My 9 year old niece is deep in thought, making sure she can fit all of the letters on two lines.
My 9 year old niece is deep in thought, making sure she can fit all of the letters on two lines.

Plain white pillowcases that don’t cost a fortune weren’t easy to find in my area!  I finally found them at Target, but if you want to make a pillowcase craft with a group of kids, you may have to order them from Amazon.  Here is a good deal that works out to about $2.00 per white pillowcase.  You could also sew them yourself!

I bought the wide tip Sharpie Markers for my niece to use.  They are a good choice for working on large projects.  My original idea was for my niece to draw a design and then spray it with rubbing alcohol to blend the colors similar to tie dying.  However, she wanted to write, “I Love you to the Moon and Back”.  I knew that if we sprayed it with alcohol the lettering would run, and you wouldn’t be able to read it.  We are saving the alcohol technique for another day!

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How to Make this Easy Pillowcase Craft Project

WARNING:  Sharpie Markers are permanent.  Protect your surface with newspaper or an old tablecloth.  Alcohol or cheap hairspray will remove Sharpie Marker from clothing, carpet, and hard surfaces, but it can be a long hard process.

  1. Insert the cardboard inside the pillowcase.  If you don’t protect the back, the marker will bleed through, making a mess on the back of the pillowcase.
  2. The kids may want to draw their design in pencil before using the markers.
  3. Wait 24 hours before washing.  After 24 hours, machine wash and dry.  A hot dryer or iron will help to set the colors.
Easy Pillowcase Craft Using Sharpie Markers
She got all of the letters on the pillowcase without any problems. She had room at the bottom for a moon and sun. Then she added a border down the side.


I have seen other tutorials for pillowcase craft ideas with writing and making designs on fabric, but this is the easiest.  This would be a fun project at a party for either boys or girls.  They could sign each other’s pillowcases and draw pictures on them and have a nice moment for the occasion.  It’s also a great idea for grandparents!

Easy Pillowcase Craft Using Sharpie Markers
Here’s the finished pillowcase craft project. She was so happy with the results ,and her dad LOVED it!

Taaa Daaa!!! Here is the finished project! Makayla did a great job. She is very crafty for a 9 year old. We ended up with a little bit of marker on our hands, but for the most part, she didn’t make much mess. We put the pillowcase in a gift bag to give her dad, but when she got home, she busted through the door and pulled it out to show him. The anticipation was too much.

Then she ran down the hall to put it on his bed. He yelled, “Whoa! whoa! whoa! Bring that back. I’m taking it to work! There were two pillowcases in the package. She took the markers and the other pillowcase home and couldn’t wait to make another pillowcase craft. I hope you will give this project a try. It’s fun for all ages!

Here’s another cool Pillowcase and Sharpie Marker Project at Brit + Co.  It has a completely different look. I’m going to try this next!

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