Redneck Crafts Using Shotgun Shells

This  is going to be different from my usual posts.  I love all things crafty, and today I’m going to share a few Redneck Crafts that I made for a country wedding rehearsal dinner.

My best friend was planning a redneck/hunting themed wedding rehearsal dinner for her son.  She had a john boat draped in camouflage, complete with goose decoys dressed as a bride and groom.  The boat held tubs of soda and beer.  I thought this would be the perfect time to make some redneck crafts using shotgun shells and a shotgun shell wreath that I saw on Pinterest!

I texted my daughter’s friend to ask if he had any shotgun shells.  Within 10 seconds he called me back and said, “I have shot gun shells, Miss Pam, but I’m scared to ask what you need them for!” haha!  I should have been a little more specific and said that I needed spent shells, not live ones!

***If you do not have access to spent shotgun shells, DO NOT use live shells for crafts***

How to Make the Redneck Craft Wreath

straw wreath crafts using shotgun shells

Start with a plain straw wreath for your crafty shotgun shell project.  They come in lots of sizes, and can be purchased in the craft or home section at Walmart. Remove the plastic covering.  If you don’t want to make a mess, this is a project for outside or over newspaper.

I used 50-60 shells for a 14″ straw wreath.  A glue gun holds them on really well, but I suggest NOT using the low temp glue guns.  The shells stayed on much better with the regular glue gun, even though I had to hold them in place longer for them to cool.

Photo by Amazon.

burlap crafts using shotgun shells

I finished the wreath with a burlap bow.  Burlap comes in lots of colors and widths.  I have seen straw wreaths covered in burlap loops.  They would be really cool looking with shotgun shells mixed in with the loops.  Burlap ribbon can also be used to make bows for flower arrangements, bouquets, and pew bows.  You can sometimes find this ribbon in different colors at Walmart.

Wood Stoves are popular in my area, especially in Man Caves.  Since the shot gun shells are held on with hot glue, I don’t know how well it will hold up if hung near a wood stove.  You could also add cat tails, dried wheat, fall leaves, and sunflowers to your wreath.

Here is my second Redneck Craft Project using shotgun shells.  For the table arrangements, I covered a round crock with camouflage fabric by cutting a square then tucking it into the top of the crock.  Then I tied a baler twine bow around the top.  I used the Crop-a-Dile, which is a tool made for scrapbook and card making,  to punch holes into the shotgun shells and attached them with thin twine so they hung from the bow.  My friend and her aunt filled the containers with sunflowers, cat tails, mums, and wheat.  They were perfect!

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crafts using shotgun shells

This great bouquet of sunflowers, brown flowers, grasses, seed heads, wheat, and pheasant feathers is perfect for redneck or rustic flower arrangements.  Very little arranging is needed. All of the work is done for you!  This arrangement is a great compliment to your Redneck Crafts using shotgun shells.

Photo by Amazon.

One of the groom’s friends made this sign that says, “The Hunt is Over”.  It was perfect in the John Boat with the goose decoys and tubs of soda and beer.   It was a wonderful rehearsal dinner.  The groom wanted a Redneck-Camouflage wedding, but his fiance had other plans.  This was a good alternative!

I have some more ideas for crafts using shotgun shells, but I’m out of shells.  Time to go huntin’.

To see more photos, visit Rustic Redneck Wedding Decorations.

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7 thoughts on “Redneck Crafts Using Shotgun Shells

  1. Fabulous! All the projects are really great and I”m sure the bride and groom loved them. Good thing you didn’t use live shells with that hot glue! No telling what could have happened. You did an amazing job with the centerpieces as well.

  2. You did a wonderful job with both of them. The centerpiece is so pretty, I think you have a future in floral design:) What a delight for me to learn that Maryland has so much rural area and hunting and fishing. I’ve never been there and somehow thought it was all one big urban suburb of D.C.

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